Products and Price

Product Name Description Price
FAST ERP Solution For complete automation of an Organization. Build in Visual Studio, Oracle, Crystal Report. Standard : USD 50,000
Ultimate : USD 150,000
FAST POS For Point sales solution with integrated accounting. USD 20000
FAST SIMS Emergency Grant Distribution Management System USD 15000
FAST School Management For Completed School Management System USD 10000
FAST Courier For Complete Courier Management System USD 15000
FAST Training Management For Complete Training Management System USD 10000
FAST Patient Management For Outdoor Patient Management and Monitoring USD 10000
FAST Project Management Project Management Process USD 3000
FAST E-Learning Apps E-Learning Mobile Application USD 500
FAST Tour Management Managing trou using the systems USD 2500
FAST HRM Human Resource Management System USD 5500
FAST Recruitment Recruitment Management System USD 2000
FAST Shopping CART Shopping CART System USD 5000
FAST Order Processing Order Processing Sytem USD 5000
Visitor's Book Visitors Book to control visitors movement and keep record USD 1000
Rental Asset Management Rental Asset management system USD 1000
Meeting Management Meeting Management for meeting venue allocation and minutes writing and distribution. USD 1000
FAST CBS Banking System for Banks and NBFI USD 100000
Fast Multilevel Marketing Management System MLM Management System USD 40000
Ready Expert OnBoard App Mobile Apps subscription bases membership USD 100